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K.B. -- MerChyld's Ferret

"K.B. the Ferret"

There was once a wild ferret named K.B.
Until somebody figured that maybe,
Treated just the right way,
He might turn out O.K.
Now, in behavior he's more like a baby.

by David E. Sawyer on April 2, 2002, My Title of Liberty

K. B. passed away at 2:00am November 6, 2002. He died of cancer (Lymphoma) and resulting liver, kidney, and spleen complications.

He came to the Oregon Ferret Shelter from a couple along with another ferret called Mickey. They had just moved and were boarding the two fuzzies with the shelter. After a month the owner of the shelter got suspicious that they were not planning on coming back for them ... she was right. The owner's girlfriend had brought them over. She could tell the owner wasn't wild about getting them back. They finally relinquished them to the shelter. The shelter had been having problems with K.B. picking on Mickey since he wasn't neutered so they neutered him. After that, Mickey felt he was on equal terms so gave K.B. a good dose of his own medicine. K.B. hasn't fought back since.

As a result of his previous owners lack of experience with ferrets and his not being fixed during the time they had him, he was named Killer Beast. Since his neutering and care at the shelter and our experiences we decided that it should instead stand for Kuddle Bear.

We had him for about a year (since October 2001) and he has been the most laid back, sweet ferret we've ever seen. He was about a year old when we adopted him. He got along well with Smokey and Bandit and even befriended the members of our household that do their best to avoid all of the pets.

At first glance K.B. would appear to be an albino or black-eyed white ferret but because his eyes are cranberry in coloration (instead of pink) and he actually has some dark fur on him (a small spot between his shoulderblades and peppered along his backbone towards his tail) he is referred to as a silver.

K.B. looking at the camera.

Smokey in mid-air doing the "Ferret War Dance" while K.B. hides as a speed bump and Bandit crawls under a blanket.

Bandit, Smokey, and K.B. munching on treats.

K.B. hiding from Guile.