Multiple Fuzzies

Click HERE to see pictures of our ferrets and our cats together.

Pictures of Our Fuzzies Together

This was the first time we saw Smokey and Bandit. Smokey is checking out the dog treats while Bandit checks out the bowl on a counter.

"The red tin has dice in it ... oohhh ... shiny!"

Smokey says "Ooww! That's my leg."

Smokey and Bandit licking Ferretone from their bellies after they have had their claws trimmed. Ferretone is like candy to them. It is good for them occasionally, but should only be used as a treat.

King of the hat?

Ok... so this is only one of them, but with her nose pressed against the lens can you guess which one? Click here to find out.

"Oooo ... what's behind the pillow?"

Bandit, Smokey, and K.B. munching on treats.

Smokey in mid-air doing the "Ferret War Dance" while K.B. hides as a speed bump and Bandit crawls under a blanket.