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Bandit -- Gailedon & Mer Chyld's Ferret

Bandit died due to chewing the sqeeker out of a dog toy and swallowing it.

We adopted her in July 2000. She was about a year old when we adopted her.

Bandit is a cinnamon ferret (same markings as the sable but with a cinnamon color to the darker markings). She is a very intelligent and clever ferret. We have to re-arrange the room the ferrets play in occasionally just to keep up her interest and give her things to do when we are not in playing with them. Her favorite toys are an old terrycloth bathrobe (which she loves to tunnel through and be wrestled with through) and a crinkly sack that makes noise everytime it is moved.

Bandit was initially a very difficult ferret when we adopted her and Smokey. They had been rescued from an abusive home and it was obvious that she didn't trust anyone except Smokey. She initially would bite if given half an opportunity, and managed to bite me (Otterpooka) several times the first night.

We have worked with her, shown her that we care for her and will treat her well and she has warmed up to us a lot. She will now only nip occasionally and knows how much pressure to apply when nipping a bare hand or through various materials (pillow cases, bath towels, terry cloth, etc.) so that she does no harm. She has become a much more social ferret (we think having K.B. helped with that a lot as well). She loves people but doesn't warms up to strangers well.

Even while Smokey was still in the PetSMART Training Program, we started teaching Bandit some of the tricks we were learning and she picked them up faster than Smokey. She can now stand up on her hind legs, walk forward a short distance while on just her hind legs, come when called, and roll over.

Climbing the outside of the cage

Curled up into a ball

Playing tug with Gailedon

Looking just a bit miffed and trying to decide how high she can jump.

"The purple mouse is mine. You can't have it. So nyaaaah!"

It is a little hard to tell but she is in mid-air doing the "Ferret War Dance" (something ferrets do when they are having fun and trying to get your attention). The krinkly bag is in the background.