Robotech Hardware

VR-096 Phoenix Hover Cyclone

The Phoenix is a new innovation designed to provide hover capable, modular cyclones for missions which have terrain that is unsuitable for cyclones.

VRFA-1A Icarus Cyclone System (add-on for Battler and Light Cyclones)

The "Icarus" is a modular design that provides flight capability to missions which don't allow for large mecha. Space and atmosphere mobility is possible and it even has armor strong enough to resist the incredible heat of entry into an atmosphere for use as an escape module or for missions launched from space.

CVR-4 Environmental Cyclone Body Armor

An upgrade from the CVR-3 body armor that provides improved communication ability, better armor and high-speed injury resistance. Also includes additional interface capability for use with the Icarus Augmentation System and the Phoenix Hover Cyclone.

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