Questions for Nightbane Character Development

Fleshing out your Nightbane character...

Leading Up to the Change

How old are you?

What was your family life like? Did you have one?

Had you witnessed anything you couldn't explain until your change?

Becoming One of the Nightbane

When did you discover what you were?

How did you react to the change and what you had become?

Who and what did you care about?

After the Change

Do you continue to lead a normal life?

Did you have a mentor?

What motivates you?

Where did you come by your skills?

How do you view your Morphus and Facade forms?

Emotions, Idiosyncrasies & Quirks

Loves & Fears

Little Things People Remember You By

How do you view other supernatural creatures?

Dark Day

What did you do during Dark Day?

What did you believe to be the cause of Dark Day?

Practitioners of Magic

When did you first show your magical potential?

What do you think of your powers?

Does magic change the way you view other people?

What do you want/need to do with magic?